Hey, where is all the old stuff?

I finally deleted that all.
As far as I can guess, no one will program a PIC via a parallel port in 2017 :-)

HP-41 Bat

An HP-41, USB chargeable battery replacement with old mobile phone- or NiMH-batteries. Contains completely 3D printable mechanics.


Quick and dirty chips. Another prototype solution.


A kinetic energy meter (sometimes referred to as "chrono") for pea, foam dart or airsoft toys.
(Although this is not a toy... (*1*)) *WHAMM!*


A printable, parabolic microphone for kids and geeks.
((*1*) THIS is a toy =)


Just a bare shield for Digilent's chipKIT-Max32.


Headphone amplifier #19, with the right, brutal punch towards the low end.
A real metal edition \m/


A modular kit of hard- and software for noise measurements.
We'll start off with the "1/f noise edition".


It was time for a new, universal lab-fun-amp.
Standard design - incredible diversity...


A simple, but quite versatile and highly configurable 8 channel SD-card data logger.
Powered by a PIC18 and SourceBoost.


MicroPropUnit, just a tiny, standard component Parallax Propeller 1 board.


LTCsourcerer, the Little Tiny Current source for automated uA measurements.


An analog black and white camera (PAL) capture and variable display helper.

ExcoLight Color

The exceptionally complicated (and colored) light.
A four channel, bus capable LED buck regulator. Color version.

ExcoLight Basic

The exceptionally complicated light.
A bus capable LED buck regulator. Basic version.


Another updated variant of a galvanic isolation for an I2C bus.
Also known as a "Inter-Integrated-Isolated Circuit" (I3C ;-)


Oh no! Yet another VS1011e based MP3 and WAV player... Yes, maybe. But this one has a Propeller ;) (and soon an Ethernet, a Zigbee, a remote control with display and, and, and...) Guess why these pages are called "never finished" 8)


Just a Cypress USB CY7C68013A MCU (aka "FX2LP") mini breakout board.
Reconstruction of the 2005 V1.0 design.


(A bad week.)
Just a quickie. FTDI USB<->CMOS-RS232 converter with Propeller reset.
Nothing special, except for all the other stuff that happened...


A tiny, serial, bus-compatible and cascadable measurement interface featuring a 10-bit A/D (autoranging) and an additional D/A converter. Created for operation with pocket calculators (HP-48/50) or old Sharp pocket computers.


Some H-bridges for DC, stepping and servo motors (and more).

Photo Frame Hacks

DFPs, digital photo frames, provide a cheap LCD/TFT source for your own hardware.
Batteries included ;-)


A minimal, ready to run ARM Cortex-M3 STM32 board.

JTAG Scanner (aka. UniPort)

An update of an older circuit:
An universal port interface. Can be used as an universal, bidirectional (bus) interface. Modularized version, up to 48 pins.
Also useful for digging deeper into others people hardware ;-)


A Lego NXT based programming tool for LPC900 ICP.
pbLua featured!


Lithium Polymere Plus. A step up regulator to power DLG/SAL-type model-planes from a single lipo cell. Futaba 2.4GHz don't like voltages below 3.6V...

I2C Servo

A minimal, 6 channel, I2C controlled servo controller.


Akki's Universal Analog Adaptor V2. Connect your PS2 analog controller to your PC. Full featured and even more...

FoTim (PhoTim)

A simple, 2ch digital light timer, built for darkroom photo development.