FoTim (PhoTim)

ASkr 8/2009:

Just a few one-liners...

At the end of 2003, I decided to develop some old b&w films I shot with my good, old Nikon F3.
Unfortunately my old timer went up in flames on power up, so I quickly "developed" a new one.

2 timers are available:

Timer 1 controls your lamp:
- timer 1 (counts down) is set by pot r4
- timer 1 starts on pulling CON1 pin 3 low
- during timer 1 counts, CON1 pin 5 is clamped down. Attach you relay there.

I used timer 2 for developing or fixing baths:
- timer 2 (counts up)
- can be started and stopped by (shortly) pulling CON1 pin 4 down.

Stupid and simple stuff, but some people obviously liked it 8)

Make sure you use RED seven-segment displays ;)

Click to enlarge.

No layout available. I used the great Vero Square Pad Boards very often in the past (just look at the price).
Nowadays, I have more advanced technology available 8)

- schematic (PDF)
- 16F84 HEX-file (+ fuses screenshot)


ASkr 1/2004