QaDchips - yet another quick and dirty IC prototyping solution.


  • modular building system
  • proven design ;-)

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For decades (at least some of us) engineers used just a bare copper board for quick prototypes:

QaDchips PCB adds one interesting aspect to these designs:
It makes them modular.

Instead of rebuilding the circuit completely, parts of the old design do not need to be disassembled. The QaDchip PCB can be (re)moved in one piece and is ready to be used in a redesign or somewhere completely else.

The PCB supports SO and DIL packages, three power rails (no connections to package) and isolated mounting via four non-connected corners (fix PCB on other power planes).

Some Useless Pics



- layout, only 8 pin yet (BRD)
- ...

DOWNLOAD: Hardware, 8 pin, V1.0

ASkr 08/2012: initial public release