Robots/Lego NXT

Complete redesign and new address in progress... (ASkr, 8/2009)
This won't ever change ;) (01/2013)

RayDialer A local positioning system for robots, based on IR light beacons and empty beer bottles.
NerdpleXT The mother of all NXT I2C sensor port multiplexers (show-off ;-). Supports 4 channel I2C, analogue pin and 9V-supply multiplexing. Available in three versions. Just a quickie...
pbLab Messofen The successor to Messoefchen, an 18bit resolution measurement interface for pbLua and your NXT. Galvanically isolated for combined high- or low-side measurements. pbLua featured!
pbLab Messoefchen A quick and dirty work for measuring the efficiency of non-isolated switching regulators. Saves a lot of spreadshit spreadsheet typing... pbLua featured!
Sharpliner An external, bus capable 12F683 based, plug-in linearization and filter for Sharp distance sensors.
Legisplay Need a bigger display? Here's a VGA or FBAS (video) interface for your NXT.
Need SPI on NXT? Need memory? Upgrade your NXT by interfacing a serial SPI RAM chip via only 2 wires. pbLua featured!
Sharp distance sensors How to make your NXT measure liter per square meter. Which - in fact - is a length unit. Some assorted tips, hints, circuits, calibration and linearization.
A Lego NXT based programming tool for LPC900 ICP.
pbLua featured!
Servo A little, cheap PIC controlled 6 channel I2C servo controller.
Laser Scanner Distance laser line scanner with (some) daylight rejection. Distance is determined by analyzing 90 rotated (realtime) FBAS camera lines of a pulsed laser stripe.
Sharp Turret A (nearly) realtime 360 optical radar-type environment scanner.
NeXTzwerg An ethernet interface for your NXT. Can easily be upgraded to WLAN by attaching standalone WLAN bridges or router. pbLua- and Propellerized, what else ;-)
HearHereBot Seeing is believing but listening is understanding.
A more advanced sound source following/localizing robot.
Upgrade of ChiChaBot, the children chasing robot ;)
pbLua corner There are lots of programming environments/languages available for Lego's NXT. Imho, pbLua beats them all...
pbCard Need even more memory? Use SD-cards as (data acquisition) memory expansion. pbLua featured!
pbSerRAM Need unlimited amount of transportable memory? Use anything that provides a serial interface (RS485/422/232).
ServoBus 2 wire powered servo bus. This brings the "drivers" to where they belong: The servos themselves. Minimizes cabling complexity.
Wii sensor Attach a Wii-IR sensor to your NXT and see the infrared light of day.