Laser Scanner

ASkr 12/09 (10/2010):

Sneak Preview...
After getting used to the HTML style on the new pages, it's time to add some more advanced projects ;)
This just moved up in the priority list...

Originally operated by two ARM Cortex-M3 processors, the new version will be powered by a Parallax Propeller...
A new, "unique" (...) capture strategy allowed reducing the required memory size down to a 1/10.

No Kids

!!! WARNING !!!
Playing around with lasers can be extremly dangerous!

Even an indirect reflection from a surface can lead to
irreversible eye damage.

Bear in mind that especially pumped lasers (e.g. green laser diodes)
may output a multiple of power in an invisible (e.g. infrared) spectrum!

Proceed at your own risk.


The redesign to the Propeller CPU will be split into several parts:

  • DONE: GrabschKam camera capture (the usual "by-product" ;-) (HW/SW)
  • DONE: PC debug application (SW)
  • WORK: fast pulsed and save(!) light source (HW)
  • PEND: rework of the main application (SW)
  • DONE: interface (HW)

Upcoming attraction 8)



DOWNLOAD: not yet


DOWNLOAD: not yet

ASkr 02/2009 initial
ASkr 11/2009 Propeller redesign in work
ASkr 10/2010 added link to GrabschKam, a by-product ;-)