A minimal (speak "working") implementation of Lua for a STM32...

NOTE 8/2010 "on hold" (until STM32 breaks the 120kB RAM barrier ;)
I switched over to PIC32. Take a look at PIC32Lua.
For STM32, take a look at Bogdan Marinescu and Dado Sutter's eLua project.

NOTE: I am not a software programmer.
For me, software is nothing more than a tool to get or keep my hardware running.
Keep this in mind while browsing through code or algorithms.
Presented "as is". Some may benefit from this, others won't.

This was, actually it is, my second attempt to port Lua to a microcontroller,
this time a STM32F103RDT6, just to see how much advantage it has over dspLua.

Could be useful for other hardware idiots, like I am.
May be, it saves some time getting it compiled.

Communication is done through UART1, 19200 8N1. Just feed this to your PC.

You can program this device directly via UART1. Take a look here, and find the "flash loader demonstrator".
It is (non production) free and you do not need any other hardware (JTAG, programmers, etc...) getting it up and running.

Look out for Raisonances Ride-7 IDE and ARM tool chain. At least, this it what I used...

It all started here:
After I heard of the new Cortex M3 controller I ordered a Primer HDK.
It includes a reduced RLINK (JTAG) interface, which lets you program without any limitations. Only the debug-functionality is limited to 32kB of code.

I must admit, I never used this except for a single compiling day.
But I broke it up immediately to add a header 8)
Unfortunately 2mm pitch, and it does not fit in the housing, afterwards:

Getting _your_own_ hardware running with a STM32 is a piece of cake and even more than than using a Primer.
A STM32 (obviously), a few Cs and Rs, may be a quartz (you don't even need this!) and an RS232 connection to your M$ equipment (anything on Linux, yet?).

See STM32Mini for a minimal STM32 board to play around with.

As usual, no docs, no warranty, no support.
If this deletes your hard disk, heats up your beer or goes out with your girlfriend.
Bad luck!

Just a quick hack.

Unfortunately, I deleted a few copyright notices from the top of the original Lua files while working on the code.
Has to be corrected...

Will be back soon...(ASkr 7/2009-8/2010 ;-)

ASkr 5/2009
ASkr 8/2010 on hold