Windows 7 pbLua emergency driver

A quick and dirty workaround for Windoze 7:
The pbLua emergency driver. Required because the old one does not work with M$ "newest" OS...

A O-Day release (*1*), useful and available only until issues are fixed officially.

(*1*) Guess why this is an 'O' and not a '0', bandwidth suckers...



It is Sunday, the 29th of April, 2012.
21:15h, kids are in bed, got bored, but the pbLua driver refuses to run on Windoze 7.

All I wa...
... and working.

21:53h, modified the 18i driver and *BINGO*.
Get it while it's hot...



- original 18i files (and a changed .INI file)
- ...

DOWNLOAD: Driver, V666a

ASkr 29/04/2012: initial and final release; nothing more to come...
ASkr 01/05/2012: a tiny fix; nothing more to come... ;-)