Scilab Serial Port Library

SiSeLi, a serial port library for Scilab (Windows, 32 & 64 Bit).
Source code included...


SiSeLi is a serial interface library for Scilab, an open source package for numerical computation. Directly access all your serial port equipped measurement devices or data collectors from within Scilab.


  • no installation required; Just copy SiSeLi into your Scilab project directory.
  • Supports all kinds of serial ports, including USB, Bluetooth or virtual connections.
  • baud rates up to 3MBit/s
  • unlimited amount of simultaneous connections
  • supports DLE sequenced packet mechanism
  • easy to use
  • ...


The SiSeLi binary distribution (scroll down) comes with a complete documentation and some example files.

Additionally, you can access the (yet somewhat ugly) README right here.


  • V0.7, --- 32 and 64 bit (05/04/2014)(d/m/y)


    V0.1,  initial release
    V0.1a, mini-fix
      - *NEW* added slInit() function
    V0.2,  next steps
      - *FIX* removed some debug lines
      - *CHG* increased default RX buffer size to 30kB

    V0.3,  never released
      - *NOP* bummer
    V0.4,  tiny add-on
      - *NEW* added slReadArrayN() function

    V0.5,  baudrate upgrade, fix
      - *NEW* added baudrates >256000, up to 3MBit/s
      - *FIX* error handling did not work for some functions; always reported "OK"

    V0.6, implemented packet read stuff
      - *NEW* added slReadPacket()
      - *NEW* added slCountPacket()
      - *CHG* reworked complete packet send/write algorithm
      - *CHG* increased simultaneously usable serial ports to 16

    V0.7, refactoring
      - *NEW* switched over to TDM-GCC and Code::Blocks
      - *NEW* slLoadLib.sci now auto-selects the right DLL (x86/x64)
      - *NEW* started to remove old C-style stuff
      - *NEW* unlimited amount of serial ports (previously limited to 16)
      - *CHG* slMount() does not require the handle argument any longer.
      - *CHG* slReadByte() does not require the 2nd argument if NONBLOCKING


- SiSeLi x86 and x64 (DLL)
- mini documentation (TXT)
- some Scilab examples

DOWNLOAD: x86 and x64 version, V0.7 (05/04/2014)(d/m/y)
As usual, no docs, no warranty, no support.
If this deletes your harddisk, heats up your beer or goes out with your girlfriend:
Bad luck!

ASkr 10/2010 initial public release; V0.1, V0.1a
ASkr 01/2011 minor corrections; new x64 version V0.3
ASkr 10/2012 updated x86 version to V0.4; x64 pending...
ASkr 10/2012 updated x86 version to V0.5; x64 pending...
ASkr 10/2012 corrected uploaded version of V0.5; wrong "slLoadLib.sci" file version
ASkr 12/2012 copied source code to Github
ASkr 01/2013 released V0.6 for x86 and x64; added long awaited packet read mode
ASkr 04/2014 released V0.7 for x86 and x64