A minimal g-code (pcb-gcode optimizer) sorting "algorithm" (application).
Linux capable!

If you mill PCBs, possibly by using Cadsofts Eagle and John Johnsons pcb-gcode, this little piece of software, written completely in Python, may speed up things dramatically by sorting and ordering the toolpath.

PCBs looking like this, stuffed with senseless G00 paths:

Will look totally different after run over it:

Finally, after having a cup of coffee, or eight, we have **insert tataaa, here**:

I am using EMC2 to mill my stuff. I don't know which other CAM programs will work.
If it doesn't, let me know and we will see what I can do...

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Notes on using this with hp2xx.
*** Not yet written ***

New 9/2009:
Windoze "gsort.exe" (still command line, only!) available!

As usual, no docs (except for a readme in the zip-file), no warranty, no support.
If this deletes your harddisc, heats up your beer or goes out with your girlfriend.
Bad luck!

For me, software is nothing more than a tool to get or keep my hardware running.
Keep this in mind while browsing through code or algorithms.
Presented "as is". Some may benefit from this, others won't.


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