Cypress USB MCUs

NOTE: I am not a software programmer 8-D
For me, software is nothing more than a tool to get or keep my hardware running.
Keep this in mind while browsing through code or algorithms.
Presented "as is". Some may benefit from this, others won't.

As usual, no docs, no warranty, no support.
If this deletes your harddisc, heats up your beer or goes out with your girlfriend.
Bad luck!

I just managed to restore some more sectors from the power-supply-burnout-damaged harddisks.
Really not that much, for now (6/2010 ;-)

Firmware Download


Some simple, but effective scripts assisting you downloading your firmware.
Restored and reworked V21 (6/2010)


  • still stupid and cheap (but handy ;-)
  • still uses fxload (provided); I like it...
  • now handles 'udev' too ('usbfs' as last resort, only)
  • ...



DOWNLOAD: fxloadthis-21.tar.gz restored and reworked V21 (6/2010)

ASkr 03/2001
ASkr 06/2010