Complete redesign and new address in progress... (ASkr, 8/2009)

My ever growing collection of fine and rare antiquated measurement equipment.
Until now, there's nothing more than a few useless pics...

HP-3582A Low frequency spectrum (and noise) analyzer.
HP-8010A Dual channel pulse generator
R&S SMY02 RF function generator
HP-215A Nanosecond pulse generator (~1960)
Keithley 610C A nice electrometer
HP-334A HP334A distortion analyzer (incl. opt. demodulator)
HP-4800A Vector impedance meter
HP-651A Sine wave test oscillator
Knick ... Precision current source
Nicolet 460 The mother of all digital oscilloscopes. 4 channel 100MHz vacuum cleaner ;)
TEK-2465B The worlds most advanced analog scope ;)
TEK-7934 The fastest analog storage scope in the world ;)